Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wild Ramblings of a Man

Yeah finally I got off my lazy ass to create this account, well actually iof it was not to post a silly comment on a certain someone's blog, I guess I would never have even create this. Still in the past few months? years? decades? I have been telling myself to get a freaking blog,LJ,wadever and log on your daily dos and duns, well mainly duns, things that I knew I shld not have dun but still did in spite knowing all the repercussions.

The problem lies now is, wad to say..... anyway who gives a hoot to wad a 'Naive' Guy has to say and to all you ppl sniggering to 'Is there such a thing as a NaiveGuy questions' save it, just that you hav enot met one does not mean that there is none. Anyway, 'naive' or not, you will soon find out I may be more destructive than I seem :D

Well I have been worn down recently with my war on assholes, well certain ppl that made my life difficult when I had to repair my car becoz some asshole decide that his car needed to mate, and rear end me in the ass of my car when I was stationary. Though the repairs are done, I have yet to receive my said compensation. Well thats wad this world depicts as men.... wads a man without money they say. Oh well, I shan't debate that point yet.

Well its a short week for everyone anyway, till it becomes long like next week, I shall keep this 1st entry of mine pest free(read as whine free to some ppl)