Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Do not watch post apocalyptical shows that are extremely bleak when you are worling late night shift and you have to make your own way home after that. It makes you feel empty and sad, kind of that feeliing you have when you think that no one cares about you at all, even if that is untrue.

I need to bring happier shit with me when I work nights next time. *sigh*

Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Bye Good Friend

RIP Fluffy, my you be happier where ever you are now

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Appeasing the car gods part II

Today I got the confirmation that my loan for my car is settled, that is its been finally done and my car has been finally sold. Most people would say that I got off lucky only needing to pay up 500bucks to sell it. Especially when I took a 10 year loan with zero down payment.

I did not want to blog about it until I got the receipt that stated that it is fully settled. In some way on top being relieved, I am sort of sad to have to give up my ride. To add insult to injury, due to the accident I had, I do not get anyway of a refund for cancelling my insurance and that I have to still pay for the monthly installments

I hope the car gods are happy now and will get of my case from now on. *sigh*

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Appeasing the car gods

I guess I finally put my foot down on it, well or at least my fingers. i have finally put my car up for sale in sgcarmart. I hope I can get a decent price whereby I can sell it at little to no loss of cash.

Its been sometime c oming that I had to face this faithful day, the stars were aligned in a manner that dictated that I do so, so here I am although a little relucant, I guess this is the right course of action.

So heres to in hopes of a new chapter of my life where I will finally not own a car (and hope I get used to it)

Monday, June 06, 2011

A lil update, the good and the bad

1st the bad, had another accident again, this time round my car took a virgin hit to the front and the crash was quite bad. All this was becoz my cros were wet and slipped off my brake pedal while trying to stop at the carpark stop line. it did not help that i hit a speeding mercedes, anyway there willbe no way I can prove he was speeding so i decided to just suck it up and take the blame.

Now for the good, lil miss whiney surprised me with a gadget on friday, yes she got me an ipad2, I was very surprised as i was still using the company's ipad and we agreed not to make any big purchases due to need to spend more money next year on my car insurance. Her lil gift did put a smile on my face amidst the trying week I have been having.

Here is a montage of pics showing the unboxing of my iPad2.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Yup everyone has been bitten by the 5 sided bug, and like all ticks it sucks your blood. I am rather neutral in the scene that is happening around me in where I stay. But what really gets to me is when people that claim they are neutral but get really defensive and frevent when you speak ill or ask questions about certain policies in place.

I am just a common man, when I ask such questions why aren't they answered with an honest answer, instead I am given more than ambigious answers that leave me more baffled than before. I was thus told to do my research before asking the questions. the problem is when I ask these questions, they are more rethorical and should only be answered by the people whom put these policies in place. Not by some blind follower whom is bias to begin with.

Its ok if you had told me that you were a supporter of that party to begin with. I would have understood, but I was given a bullshit laden label that you are not a supporter but loved the status quo. But by wanting status quo, isn't that in support of the ruiling party to begin with? It was kind of oxymoronic and thus that agitated me quite a bit and thus I seem a bit more hostile lately.

The rebuttal I get is that you want an alternative voice not alternative noise. At this point of time, I would glady prefer alternative noise than to die in silence. Maybe you are the sort that will accept the bullshit fed to you and is happy to be told what to do and how to do it. But I am a person whom draws my own conclusions from what I see, what I hear and what I feel.

Just take the last guy you were with as an analogy, since he is confirm chop stamp guarantee that political way of thinking. He gave you so many promises and all the cock and bull story, the warning signs were all over the place, I advised you a few times to leave him yet you turned to a deaf ear. When you found out the truth it was shocking and you were in disbelief.

Its the same thing here, there is so much promises given to us but I seriously do not want to just lie around to find out one day that all this is bullshit and we have been taken for a ride after they have abandoned us to rot while they enjoy their spoils on other pastures.

Thus at this point of time, I just want the truth to be told in plain simple terms, so that everyone educated or not can understand and there is no twisting of words or some form of trickry. I just want to be treated like a person and not a sheep.

So on that note, i do understand that we will never see eye to eye on this issue, as long as you are honest about your stance, I will not give you a hard time about mine. Oh if you did not catch my stance, well let me say it again, I am politically neutral but I am driven by justice.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a note

I just want make a note that our current Press Freedom index is pretty far down for a country that prides itself for being 1st world in many adspects. So much for no 'climate of fear', its either the media is controlled by a certain party or there were incidents that the press had to 'pay' for their mistakes thus learning not to report on some unfavourable 'news'.

I mean we are even lower than countries like Iraq, Indonesia and Zimbabwe.

Source : http://en.rsf.org/press-freedom-index-2010,1034.html

Thus how do we know the bullshit that they feed us from the local press is correct?

So much for being 1st world eh....

(Disclaimer : i am a person whom is politically neutral, I do not favour 1 politcal party to the other, I am just more justice bias and thus i made this point)