Friday, October 13, 2006

Military misconceptions

After reading many blogs of the other gender, there seems to be always this same complain that I read abt that they have for us men. We always tlak about our army days. Today I was having lunch at teh arts canteen and there was this couple seated nexted to me. This was teh convo that followed :

Gal : tell me, you are a commando rite, so is the rank of normal commando the same as an officer.
(This bitch was obviously gushing when asking this)

Guy : Erm...Er... no lah its not the same rank, but more like teh respect, commandos get teh respect form normal officers becos of teh training they go thru.
(Hey fucktard, why were yous so hesitant to say that commandos that are CPL are just that, FUCKING CPLs with the red hat, why be so dubious abt answering and why add that respect line, trying to impress that bitch is it?)

Gal : Oh.....*and proceeds to gush somemore*

Its so obvious that the gal is interested in the guy whom she procceds to ask if she can taste a bit off his plate. You see, guys talk about army is becoz there are bitches like these that gush over how macho a guy is with all his army bullshit.

So for all wannabe bitches out there, commando, whether pte,cpl or sgt in rank is just that, a commando at that rank which at no time is equivalent to an officer rank in other units. And that respect shit, we dun give no shit abt wad training they get, hey guards get the same training as them red headed chickens but becoz of the lack of the fabled parajump, they get shit for ns pay. They onnly pull that respect crap coz they want to get into your pants.

Oh I was once enlisted in the commandos during BMT and from wad i know, they are all meatheads whom do not use their brains much and muscle past a problem most of the time.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am....

I am the one who watches the movements of many....
I am the one that sees all the distress of ppl...
I am the one that is perched on top of a spire unnoticed...
I am the one whom takes a dump on assholes below...
I am ...
I am ...

I am bored.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OH what high a stools you sit on

Sometime back I used to frequent a forums called teh cowboy bar which incidentally, lil miss whiny is a moderator of. Then at a a daily occurance there is this group of late 20s to 30plus guys that do not seem to ever grow up, constantly putting ppl down with their comments and trying to show how big their online penis is, which is a moot point.

Why a moot point? coz 1, no one cares how big an online penis is and 2 it will amount to naught even if your online penis is that big. Though most of the time these, lets call them scumbags for a lack of better term, usually hurl their attacks on other members of the forum and not directly at me. I was disgusted with their existence an dthus left that online community for good.

Recently I was posting a comment on this rather famous online persona's blog and somehow one of these scumbags had to come and try to act hero and tried to shoot my comment down by suggesting that I shld let her be an dnot leave comments or 'disrupt' this famous person way of blogging as that scumbag puts it.

The thing is, I did not know that only certain scumbags can post comments on this person's blog and who the FUCK is he to denote what comments are welcome on this particular blog. What are you the flee on her cheebye is it? I post my comment make her cheebye itch so badly that she tries to scratch you off is it? Why the fuck get so protective huh, when many times you post more unfriendly comments to her on her blog.

The only explanation I can think of is that these scumbags are pussies in real, tok so big online, but in real act like pussies. Come on, how old leow, late 20s or even 30plus year old leow still act like 16 yr old kid. If so then go home suck on your mama tits lah.