Thursday, February 15, 2007

So much to say, nothing to write

You know the feeling that there is a lot of things you want to talk abt but when you actually got the free time to write it down, it eludes you. Ever since I got back from aussie, I have had no urge to write, or things that I usually write abt (etc, dumb students, car problems, assholes in general) seem to not spurr me to write at all.

Maybe the hot sun in aussie fried my brain and I just dun have it in me to write as fluently as I used to. Not like I am writing for anyone to read. I guess even to log my daily comings and goings is getting to be a chore.

Time flies so fast that you think that if you sat down for 10 mins to write an entry on the blog it would have flown past you so fast that you are left behind. Like it was V day yesterday and I did not even take notice, asie from all the bimbos with their bouquets and think that the whole world revolves ard them. Then there is CNY this weekend, not to mention my father's bday on the same day.

I am getting out of point here, oh, also I did not mention that the car gods did it to em again and had to spend another 125 bucks to get some spark blug cables replaced. i think in the end of teh day and that bitching is not going to get me my money back.

Maybe the truth is more simple than that, like me having a psp and bringing it to work and being on the machine at work most of the time, or watching all the seasons of star trek enterprise, or some new animes. Then there is the PS3 which I finally got a new game for it, well more liek lil miss whiny promised to pay half for it. The new cat, latte whom has been jumping and walking all over me for the past few nights.

Look at that I managed to write a hell lot more than I wanted to. Oh well lets see if I bump into anymore stupid ppl today to be used as more of my blog fodder.