Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There is still nothing to say

Well, of course there is nothing to say as saying anything will offend someone eventually, thus I am yet again feeling trapped that I cannot air my feelings at all. This come to question the existence of this blog, when one cannot even express oneself, does the blog still serve a purpose?

I guess not.

Will see how things go.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why I no blog?

Someone asked me why I no blog recently....

my answer....

Becoz I dun feel like it .... :P

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sing Sung Sang

Last nite lil miss whiney met up with her poly friends for a mini get together and a jamming session(they have talents playing various instruments). My LMW was the lead vocals in the band, anyway its only for fun, and they had a blast even when missing cues or notes.

I even tried one song and deemed that I really cannot make it as a singer. Overall its good to see her having fun with all teh frustration she has had in teh recent few weeks.

When returned home we spent the next 3 hrs trying to reformat her poor ipod which is now rebelling due to all the abuse it has endured. After dun know how many times at trying to get thing reformating and dun know how many times trying to update teh song list, it all came together at 3 am.

Hope it works properly though as sending it in for repairs may warrent a need to pay for a new replacement as there is no service centre for apple in singapore, or so that is wad I heard.