Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Yes my car now sounds more manly and no idiot will again dismiss me when I horn them. It is no longer the measly BEEP that its was and now its a fully powered by borsch rally evolution BORP.

You idiots that have ignored me, watch it from me, anytime you cross me you face teh wrath of my BORP.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Anger Management 101

I promise to have more patience, less I start to horn at young punks whom don't kow how to drive and stop ever so frequently.

I promise to have more courtesy, less I horn a lot more at the young punks and the friend sitting next to the driver starts gesturing at me.

I promise to not lose my temper so fast, less I threaten the young punks with my steering wheel lock when they give me the 'Ann Chua' look and want to act big.

I promise to manage my anger, less I beat those young punks into a bloody pulp the next time I meet them.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

You are paid to do a job....


This is to the damn AV tech that is in charge of the room that I had to cover an event for. I was there atthe god early time of 8 am on a school break, nuff said. So I asked him, can we go in and take a look, his reply, erm...there is a lot of equipment in there so cannot.

Then I asked, you got a camera, we would like to see if can use it for the recording, he proceed to say cannot cause the equipment is not working. THEN KEEP FOR FARK?

I almost blew up at that point but decided to just concentrate of setting up my so called' to large, bulky out of date camera' those were the words that AV tech said when seeing our camera. WTF, not helpful never mind, still got the cheek to say such ass wind words.

As we were setting up, he conviently just disappeared, even before we can get the extra mic that the organizers requested hooked up to the AV tech's room. we had to get someone to 'invite' his majesty back to show us how to hook up, ending up not having the cable to hook it up, we just left it as that and decide to forgo the extra wireless mic.

So why does this guys still have a job? He is not helpful, he does not seem to want to open his control room at all, he claims that all his equipment is not working, thus it should be his job to request for them to be repaired/replaced, yet he does nothing and on top of that he adds sarcastic remarks about our equipment. So why the fark are they still payinghim to do nothing but be a pain?

Welcome to working in the civil sector, it seems to be teh norm when it comes to expecting some sort of service from such workers. Makes me wonder why I work so hard at times......

Monday, May 21, 2007

Time to Ralliiiiiiiiiiiiii

Yup got the new car, Lancer sports, with all teh silly ralliart logos all over the place. All of a sudden I feel a sudden urge to be beng. But being a new car I can only vroom ard the speed of a grandmother with arteritis. Yes you can't go as fast as you want coz the engine is still breaking in.

That makes me wonder, is it an urban myth that the engine must be broken in or is there some facts to back up the story. Also how do you know not to rev more than 4000rpms during the 1st 1000km? What if it is supposed to be 3000rpms for the 1st 5000km? Time to send this in the mythbusters.

Oh yeah I like the smell of a new car.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Diu or no Diu

No I am not being vulgar here, I am refering to the crazy money giving(or so they say) show that is locally produced. It does sound like the title, its deal or no deal. I am sure many of our hong kong friends will be sniggering at the name of the show.

Anyway, back to what I intended to say, was watching it for the 1st time by chance(read as nothing else interesting on all the other cable channels) on tele and there was this animated chick whom was noisey and whimsical(and very painful to watch) whom was the contestant of that episode

I guess the only saving grace of watching the show is that they got many famous girls from miss universe, FMH and any other magazine that exhibits scantily dress gals, to be the girls standing next to each brief case. I kind of pity those gals as they had to stand there just to be called out to open a brief case and then disappear. Imagine the last girl to be called, she must be cursing and swearing having to stand there the whole night.

Anyway among the girls there was Gwen, as in the Gwen that used to work for SassyJan before she jumped ship the moment she was spotted by a local magazine. Seeing her on screen qued this word into my brain, BIMBO, which atthat moment made sense why these girls are there to begin with. Its not a very tough job that requires brains, in fact, you only need to use your thumb and index finger to get the suit case unlatched. Thus the realization that why all the eye candy, guess the job suits them, which is to be a pretty vase and open a suit case.

Well lets get back to the contestant, all I can say is, where do they get these freaks to appear on national television, I mean seeing her performance last night, she should be locked up in the mental institute, but at the same time, I feel the show or should I say teh stress felt in that show would be the cause for more mental breakdowns, well at least for the weaker minds out there. Anyway it really showed that how greed can compel anyone to make the wrong decision. She was offered 33K to walk away, but because she felt that the 75K was in the brief case she chose, she turned it down. Me I would have taken the 33K.

In the end she got only SGD$750, kinda sad if you asked me and no, she did not laughed till she rolled down teh stage like she said she would do.

Monday, May 14, 2007

When was the last time you did something for the 1st time?

Yes that infamous line that was used in a visa add something ago, or was is american express, memory eludes me. Anyway I did something the 1st time last week and boy was it invigorating, nope I cannot tell a soul what I did. All I can say is it got the heart pumping and it made me feel young again.

Anyway maybe sometimes all we need to do is to find something that we have not done before with our lives and just try it. You neevr know till you have done it if it was worth doing.

Gawd I sound like an ad now.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Car?

Some ppl out there are aware that I will be changingmy car soon. well today i received a call and it stated that I will be gettingit a lot sooner than expected. The agent has called me and tiold me that I can actually settle the rest of the payment and I could get my new car in 10 days. The problem is....I dun know if I am prepared for it.

1stly it came at the time that think is the worst time to changethe car, that is the middle of the month where aside from the parking at work, I need to change the parking from HDB. Now they usually process the parking on the 18th of the month so, even if I get the car in 10 days, the new season parking for my car will still have the old license plate number on it. I also need to go down to their side to change it twice then, once for the current month and once for the next month when I receive it.

Not sure if it will be smooth sailing if I go down to ask them to change the licence number to my new car for subsequent season parking. Though I am a bit excited, the new car does have a stereo that supports usb. Also I dunkow if I can squeeze the agent to give me better tires or not. Now that I have been used to the mitchelins that I have been using for 8 months and found to be absolutely great.

Lastly being 1 month ahead of schedule, I normally use my mid year bonus to cover my inssurance and road tax, not sure if having it in may is a good idea, that means I have to save alot in dec and do not spend that money so as to pay for my insurance and road tax in may, and usually I only renew my road tax half yearly, that means I need money in november to pay of the road tax then.

Lots of headaches and lots of unprepareness... feels like having something for teh 1st time. Argh

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Long break

Yup finally semester end and its the long break of 3 months before everything goes crazy for me again. It has also been a long break for me from blogging. It seems that everyone is taking to blogging and sometimes I wonder if I am doing it coz everyone else was back then. Also my life is incredibly boring thus the lack of updates.

My life events recently, lets see..... We have had a cat that we picked up from our place since dec, and though she ran away twice since, she is now in the comforts of my home. I love that cat to bits, she does the funniest of things, also all this time I have always wanted a cat to call my own when I was young.

As some of you might know, we are looking for another cat so that latte, my cat, wun feel so lonely. I am thinking of getting a pedigree cat that has a nature that allow us to cuddle, but at the same time, we sort of got involved with cat welfare society of singapore, so don't know it its right to buy one when there are so many cats out there that need a home. Well if only we found one that we could love like our latte equally with the temperment we desire.

Been recently hooked on some of my old chillout music again. I must say it has been a while since I have been listening to such chillouts. I am going to be changing my car real soon, the new car will come equiped with a radio that allows me to use a usb to connect to it, thus no more messy CD burning, I can just move everything to a thumb drive or my psp and hook them up.

Then there is the spot of fame that my hobby group have been getting lately, As some of you know, I have tank battles over the weekend and we have been asked to be involved with the army pride day launch ceremony last week. Then there is the CNA interview we were involved, but yet to have seen it on the news.

Looks like there was a lot to log today, maybe I will be updating more regularly afterall.