Thursday, May 24, 2007

You are paid to do a job....


This is to the damn AV tech that is in charge of the room that I had to cover an event for. I was there atthe god early time of 8 am on a school break, nuff said. So I asked him, can we go in and take a look, his reply, erm...there is a lot of equipment in there so cannot.

Then I asked, you got a camera, we would like to see if can use it for the recording, he proceed to say cannot cause the equipment is not working. THEN KEEP FOR FARK?

I almost blew up at that point but decided to just concentrate of setting up my so called' to large, bulky out of date camera' those were the words that AV tech said when seeing our camera. WTF, not helpful never mind, still got the cheek to say such ass wind words.

As we were setting up, he conviently just disappeared, even before we can get the extra mic that the organizers requested hooked up to the AV tech's room. we had to get someone to 'invite' his majesty back to show us how to hook up, ending up not having the cable to hook it up, we just left it as that and decide to forgo the extra wireless mic.

So why does this guys still have a job? He is not helpful, he does not seem to want to open his control room at all, he claims that all his equipment is not working, thus it should be his job to request for them to be repaired/replaced, yet he does nothing and on top of that he adds sarcastic remarks about our equipment. So why the fark are they still payinghim to do nothing but be a pain?

Welcome to working in the civil sector, it seems to be teh norm when it comes to expecting some sort of service from such workers. Makes me wonder why I work so hard at times......