Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Car?

Some ppl out there are aware that I will be changingmy car soon. well today i received a call and it stated that I will be gettingit a lot sooner than expected. The agent has called me and tiold me that I can actually settle the rest of the payment and I could get my new car in 10 days. The problem is....I dun know if I am prepared for it.

1stly it came at the time that think is the worst time to changethe car, that is the middle of the month where aside from the parking at work, I need to change the parking from HDB. Now they usually process the parking on the 18th of the month so, even if I get the car in 10 days, the new season parking for my car will still have the old license plate number on it. I also need to go down to their side to change it twice then, once for the current month and once for the next month when I receive it.

Not sure if it will be smooth sailing if I go down to ask them to change the licence number to my new car for subsequent season parking. Though I am a bit excited, the new car does have a stereo that supports usb. Also I dunkow if I can squeeze the agent to give me better tires or not. Now that I have been used to the mitchelins that I have been using for 8 months and found to be absolutely great.

Lastly being 1 month ahead of schedule, I normally use my mid year bonus to cover my inssurance and road tax, not sure if having it in may is a good idea, that means I have to save alot in dec and do not spend that money so as to pay for my insurance and road tax in may, and usually I only renew my road tax half yearly, that means I need money in november to pay of the road tax then.

Lots of headaches and lots of unprepareness... feels like having something for teh 1st time. Argh