Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend Cat

Over the weekend I brought home a stray cat that we have seen roaming downstairs our home for the past few days. Lil miss whiny had liked the colour of teh cat so I decided to find it on sat ,morning and proceeded to bringing it home.

We brought the cat to a vet for a checkup on the same day got her dewormed and even got supplies for her long stay with us.

Then last nite whne I was throwing the trash, she slipped out the house, I let down my guard thinking that she was unfamilar with the place and thus did not know where to run to. Yet being the intelligent feline she is, she bolted for the stairs and disappeared from my sight.

After 2 hours search I finally found her hiding with this other stray male cat and when she saw me approaching she ran for it. It even ended up in an attempt to catch her when lil miss whiney distracted her while I try to come from behind to grab her.

I forgot that she was a cat and not a rabbit, as I grabbed her she whiped around to bite and claw me. Surprised at the attack I let go of her and she fell on some metal supports got up and ran like hell. The injuries to my hand were superficial.

We finally gave up after the 3rd hour and a sad lil miss whiney and a defeated me had only home to go back to. We still want the cat in our lives, just that I hope she will forget this ordeal and turn back into her friendly self that when we 1st met her and give us a second chance to home her. I will give her a few days and see if her behaviour will go back to normal.