Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The car gods still hate me

Its been awhile since I posted abt my car, but it has not been trouble free. Funny how things like to come all at once? OK these are the problems with my car currently.

Tires $120

Recently I had yet another one of those tire going flat on m y incidents, this time round I picked up a nail in my tire. The repair this time costs me $8 when the 1st time it cost me $5(inflation?) Then there is teh irritating fact that both my rear tires suffered from uneven wear means I need to replace both tires soon.

Rear Suspension $300

It turns out that the rear suspension may be the one causing all this problem and is suspected to be damaged, thus I would need to spend money to replace them else teh uneven wear problem will magnify in future.

Air con problems $150$195

Then just these few days my air con is starting to act up and may need to be checked, suspected thermostat problem and my need to re gass after they ar edone with the repairs.

Thats almost $600 worth of repairs for my poor car. Where am I going to find $600? I dun think i can pull that much dough out of my ass this time as I am still paying thru my ass for the tank I bought recently(which I very much love), Maybe I shld start a 'pity me' fund and will even flash a boob or 2 if someone is willing to pay for my car woes...oh well if only I was a gurl that might have worked. I guess teh extra income I am getting at the end of teh year will go into teh repairs of teh car thus, almost not having any extra income(there goes the dream of me saving).

Maybe its thru abt what they say abt cars and tehir warrenties, it only last 3 years becoz usually thats when the car starts to fall apart.

In the end it cost me much more than I expected it to be...oh well really broke now, I think I will survive on instant mee for teh next 2 weeks now :P