Thursday, August 10, 2006

Humans are evil in nature

So much has past the last week that I can barely begin. Ong thing I am sure is that humans are evil in nature. Most of my frustration was abt yesterday when I was at ms to have a demo oif tamiya tanks for teh event they are holding there now.

As I was having fun with my tank, I get children running up to the tanks jumping in front ofit, trying to grab it, trying to do something funny. Then one kid, one bitch, ran and jumped over my tank. That was it, I went up to the kids and shouted at all of them and that sent them scurrying away.

Where the fuck are the parents of these kids not know how to control their cheebye children. They think very fun hor, you think when they break my tank they can pay for it meh? Its 900 freaking dollars you assholes and not some cheap 100 dollar toy.

The ppl are extremely bad this time round. instead of letting us play with out tanks on our green patch of grass they were standing ard us and cornered us into a 1/4 of the normal size we normally had excess to. standing ard gawking like we are some freak show. Fucking move back out of the grass patch you cheebyes, like never see big men playing withtheir tanks b4 is it.

Its going to be a long weekend all of a sudden and i dread looking forward to it.