Monday, July 03, 2006

Growing up Gracefully

Most ppl have this drive to grow up as fast as they could. As kids, dun u wish when you were told you are too young for something(i.e. watch a show, drive a car, insult your teacher, have sex with your teacher, etc...) that you are XX age alrdy so you could do all those things.

Me, I wanted to stay young forever, not wanting to grow up and having all teh respobnsiblity of grown ups. Yes there are perks being grown ups, like owning yoru own car and all, but when you are young, you can have all the time to do wad you felt like doing then. Of course being young means you dun have the spendiing power like you are as an adult, but still, you can party and not worry abt work teh next day. At most sleep in class the next day.

But there are many ppl that want to grow up so soon that by doing so they will never really have a childhood. Come to think of it, when they grow old and senile, do you call it a second childhood for these ppl or their 1st?

I think growing up shld be done slowly, like fine wines, why they take so long to age properly, coz if you rush them, they might turn sour. Life is too short to be rushing through to be adults, enjoy your childhood when you can. else when you grow old, you will regret it.