Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MSN fuck up

I had to reinstall windows on my work pc today, then all of a sudden after reformatting and all, the pw fro my usual msn nick does not work. I am sure I did not change my pw at any point of time but for some reason, msn wun let me sign in citing that I have put the wrong address or password.

So then I am going to forgo my old e-mail and leave it to rot, nothing impt there anyway execpt for msn, thus, I hav ea new account on msn and its address is my usual gmail address and for all my friends whom know my gmail account pls, update ur msn and add me to your contacts, else you will never see me online again.

I am frustrated and tired.

You know they always tell you not to use cookies, I am glad I did at home, got home and used cookies to get into my account, got in and was able to change my password. I got back my msn account and you guy can ingore this whole post.