Monday, March 06, 2006

New PC but at a cost....

Over the weekend, I said I wanted to look at a new PC, so we went to SLS to look ard to see wad is good on the market, plus what I can plan for for my monster machine in the months to come. Wnet to 2 different shops that quote me ard 1.3K to 1.5K for setups that I was only so so sure abt(one is a ah beng shop). Then going to a lower floor I met my father, which when he found out my intent, brought me to a shop that gave me great price for a setup I want.

New PC 1
Intel inside dun play play

So with my father ard, instead of buying the pc in april, I ended up buying it straight that day. They needed one day to put it together for me, thus can only collect it the next day. We also got a new PC box for lil miss whiny whom was complaining how old an ddirty the old box is, thus we bought a super cheapo box at 38 bucks.

New PC 3
Check out the cool alien pic on the fan that cools the GPU

The Problem with the cheap box is that I have to self tear apart my old box and put all teh components into the new one. Easy you might say eh? This box is not as intuitive as you might think, thus leading me to insert the DVD rom the wrong way and getting it stuck. Using brute force(dun try this at home) I managed to push the rom out, well at a cost, a tab in teh new box that helps support the rom was in the way when I forced the thing out, thus making a nice slice in my hand.

Hand Ouch

A trip to NUH A & E and 2 stitches later, the box now cost 108 bucks(70 bucks for treatment) save money lah...hur hur hur. Anyway it was an expensive weekend, need to peddle my ass now, I think I spent more than 1.5K overall. Oh yeah LMW bought a new LCD for her semi new pc.