Monday, January 09, 2006

The day that all Cowboys have to have

It was the day that the Cowboy no longer can be the lonesome roaming vigilante that he used to be. Instead it is the day that he is no longer one but two. It is the day that the cowboy got wedded.

Over the weekend the cowboy got his knot tied. He is no longer the man he used to be, but a greater man now. He had extended an invitation to some of teh closer barflies to attend to his wedding, little did we know that teh closer barflies were to assume major roles in his wedding.

It was a fun filled weekend that made everyone wake up at wee hours of 7am and slept the night before at 2am. Aside from teh Jam that I had to put up to anf ro from the land of mordor(read as JB). Where pot holes are not pot holes but actually small ponds and no lights light the roads. Going there was an adventure by itself.

The convoy to his wives was yet another fun filled trip with one of teh cars getting lost. Getting teh bride was another adventure altogether and we had to literally storm the place to get the bride. In the end, the cowboy had his wife, the 'sistas' had their fun and teh barflies had their duties fulfilled. Now how abt release us from the oath zeus?

Anyway best wishes to the cowboy and may you have many offsprings that will plague you.