Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A solution for getting molested at a mega(free) end of the year party

I was looking thru some blogs abt the anger they feel for going to such big parties and having being molested or their friends being molested. Then if occureed to me like a huge trucks of banans falling from the sky squashing me, that if no nubile(read as dumb) young girls were to go to these said parties, where foreign workers are said to have their free hand during these parties, there will not be incidents pertaining to such events. At most these FWs can grope each other.

Its a simple eqaution actually, being a gurl, knowing that there is such a huge danger in such parties, why do they put themselves in harms way? Is it like smoking? That you kow its bad for you and yet you do it, for that 5 seconds of gratification? Is it worth it.

Yes you might argue that the gov made such parties for you to enjoy, yada yada, but think abt it, if you are not such a cheapo and pay to go for a more exclusive party, will you have to put up with the FW's hands? Also after some years, when the gov realize that the ppl are boycotting these parties due to FW's, maybe, just maybe, they might do something abt it or not hold said parties in the future, thus no party equates to no mass FW molest fest rite?

So, for all you stubborn ppl out there that still think that if there is a party and I must go, why not go to somewhere else and save yourself the hassle. Its a simple demand and supply problem. If targets(read as gurls whose tops are too low and skirts are too short on top of a g string) stop going to such parties, the FWs got no one to grope but themselves.