Friday, October 21, 2005

We try too hard......

We all try to hard to be known... to be unqiue so that we can shine in a way that ppl will see you from afar. But do we really need to? Wad does recognition and fame get u? Endorsements? Deals? Your name on the newspaper? So wad, when time passes, you will be old news just like a bat of teh eye. Gone to such existence where no one will care.

So why do ppl try so hard to find this fame and loose wad is truely precious in life, the ppl that truely love you, those that will stand by you, even if you have done a great wrong, they will never blame you. I feel that we take too much time in life to improve things that do not bring you any benifits, thiings like ego, self worth in fornt of others.

Even when you reach the top of the mountain but had to leave your love ones at the foot of the mountain. Are you really happy? Sometimes wad we pursue in life makes us lose focus or wad is truely important and they are those that love you for whom you are and not wad you could or had become. Maybe one day when teh dust settles mankind can look back and feel foolish for teh mistakes they made...maybe