Friday, September 23, 2005


When I 1st got to know you, you were very brash, had an attitude problem, and never liked to be close to anyone. Soon you got accustomed to me, an dwe had many happy times. There were times when you made me mad, and there were times that you made me sad. We had our fun together and I watched you mature.

For the last 5 yrs, I see you in my room, for teh last 5 yrs you let me pat your head, for the last 5 yrs I fed you and took care of you. Now that you have passed on, I hope you are resting in a happier place. Its silly when I cried my heart out when Snoopy died. Though I had forseen this day that you too will join him, that you would leave me. Yet till now, I only hav etears welled up in my eyes.

Its been a good 5 yrs my dear sweet Peanut. I will miss you terribly, but I will move on, take care and rest well, you have been a good rabbit all this time.