Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Arrny loves you....

During my 2 week long vacation in the north of singapore, I spent most of the days playing my PS2, as this supposedly exercise is to last 2 weeks long, I decide to bring my set in with a LCD monitor so that my time is not wasted whilst in camp. The army is pretty fucked in that sense, they make you go in for 2 weeks when you actually need only at most 1 week to do what we did. so the remaining of the time was spent meaningfully honning or skills of button bashing.

The only time where anything was done was in the format of a 2 day one nite stay outin the hostile jungle. hostile becoz of the enviornment, hostile becoz of teh the mozzies that might transmitt dengue to you. The Army has a new fav past time, it is called, lets rush to wait. Well the like to rush to wait and wait to rush when everything could have been done smoothly.

Our one nite stay was as secure as it can be, as I am in teh HQ of teh battalion where the CO is, the 'crabs' are also in this area where we put up for the night. While they planned the night away for their morning movements, we were left to our own devices. The area we set up was also enclosed by barb wire, so as to ditter outsiders form entering our area. We also had passwords and all to let us thru.

Did I mentioned we were confined by barb wire in a small region in teh jungle? Oh yess I did, so much so that we all had to pee in the not so small puddle left behind by teh heavy rains few days b4. By morning the not so small pool grew a lot bigger and I can safely call it a human sess pool now. The stench of unrine flooded the area as the wmorning winds started to blow from the pool towards us.

The day was wasted in another round of wait to rush, and finally we all went back to camp never really doing anything but to get to teh location, set up a tent, pack up and go home. Now I can see my tax dollars really put to work.