Friday, August 26, 2005

Lomotell, students and a whole lot of banting

Yesterday after reading some tonorrow best reads, I came across a blogger talking about the BooogerBurger King's new lamb burger. Dun know if it was Booger's Mary's BK's lamb that started to turn pmy inards upside down by raming it ard inside. I had really bad diahorrea 1 hr b4 the show.

I had to take medication so that I wld not have to run out in the middle of teh show clutching my ass. Took 2 lomotell pills and it was as good as saying shit no more. These lomotell pills are great, they are as small as birth control pills and they taste slightly sweet, yet with just one pill it can stop shit dead in its tracks.

Well I took 2, and since last nite till now, I still cannot shit. Now from being diahorreaed I am constipated, well dun nurse NG :X Thats what i get for self medication.

Today at lunch sat next to a student whining about the mistake she made on bidding the philosophy lecture thinking that she can use wad she learn to persuade her mom to buy her a car. Now lets look at reason, if these so called lecturers are so good at it, why be a lecturer? Why not persuade someone to let them be a CEO or even better the president? I say our young do not read the fine print anymore as I am sure that it will tell them wad they are getting themselves into if they did.

Btw you can actually watch all the lectures that are webcasted, sometimes if you are interested in a class you want to bid, you can always check out teh 1st lecture of previous sem and see if this is wad you want for teh rest of your sem. It will save you lots of time and lost of bidding points.