Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today is one of those kannina days. Wake up early for work, found out that I forgot to clean up teh labbit toilets. rush to work in foul mood alrdy, then half way thru morning recording, lecturer hung the microphone up for no reason. Kenna fucked for audio too soft when lecturer did not want to use mic. Then kenna fuck for video quality poor, when they use cheapo cameras, wad they expect. Nehmind.

Then I had to go some where else for another recording, parking lot everywhere full....kannina, nehmind. Go somewhere else, got 2 lots, but the CHOW CHEEBYES that work here dun know how to fucking park a car properly? 2 seperate lots both unusable becoz these mutheer farking CHEEBYEs dunknow how to park. Nehmind.

Found a lot 10 mins walk away, boh bian take it. walk allthe way back to the LT and then there was one empty lot now. CHOW CHEEBYE, play with me is it, make my fucking park so far and then now got empty lot. I curse you cheebyes, lan jiao rot off.