Monday, August 15, 2005

Its official.... I work with morons

This morning I had lots to do when I get back to office. 1stly I had to set up a pc in some obscure LT that had a lecture in the afternoon. at 1st I am told that the ITUs will be handling the case. But to my horrors I found out that this is not the case.I am supposed to do the case instead, WTF. I called my super, to tell him that he has nicely put me up for 10-12, 12 -2 and 2-4 slot, so when is my lunch break?

He said he would get someone to do the 12-2 slot, so I tot, turns out that he now says he did not say that and I am supposed to do that slot too. I did not bring the key as I did not think that I would be doing it. So I called back and ask wtf am I supposed to do now, Am I supposed to get gastric becoz you CHEEBYES are morons?! Super says he will relieve me, easy for the fuckter to say that, he will surely come late and I will not have time enuff to eat coz he cannot get his lazy ass to get here quick enuff.

Now now you say, why not complain to my manager to get things sorted out, I would love to, but of course teh world hates me enuff to have me working for a someone whom is totally bias against me. YEEEHAW I love my life. Its like being caught btw a rock and a hard place.

Lucky for me, I got the PC set up in record time found a parking lot near my 1st session and at least that much is working for me. I got this feeling in my gut that my company is EXPLOITING ME becoz I got my own personal car. I do not claim mileage at all from work, but I use my car ever so often to move the equipment here and there. NAH BEH CHEEBYE, why can't they ever give me a fucking break.

I got a new tagline : N*S, raping its staff asses since 1905