Thursday, August 04, 2005

How much linkin park is too much?

Obviously some Eng students think its a good idea to play Linkin park's 'somewhere I belong' to one of their club's promo video. Well its a good idea the 1st time you see it, then when the thing loop every 3rd or so song it just gets irritating. I do not have anything against linkin park, but I am stuck at where I am and I cannot close my ears, thus I am stuck listening it being blasted at the highest volume you idiots think its possible.

Dun get me wrong, linkin park is good in a concert, or even in a live pub, but for a promotional video that loops every 7 or so minutes? I dun think so. It makes everyone ard too angsty, makes me feel like throwing one of the 15 inch monitors at someone with no apparent reason. So then pls stop with the looping, at least either lower the volume or play something more soothing.