Wednesday, July 27, 2005

They are everywhere

From north to south, east to west, everywhere I turn, i meet with them and woe is me. Woe that I have to put up with their nonsense, woe that I have to put up with their crap, Woe is me that these assholes have no sense of direction, yes i am talking about these foul creatures. They are known as........... P PLATE DRIVERS!!!!!

Oh P plate drivers why do you :

Drive on the right most lane when you only want to go 50 km/h
Turn left from the right lane
Turn into the filter lane halfway and then trun out of it trying to go straight.
Float in between 2 lanes
Try to filter into the lane I am in at the moment

I am sure that when i was a P plater just some months ago, I was never this dumb nor incompetent at driving. But you know what? The worst offenders are from women P plates, how come I am not surprised.

On other news......

Well some ppl will never learn. I will be watching with much interest as how things develop. Btw ask you guys a question, even if a person wins multiple awards, big fuck meh?