Monday, July 18, 2005

The Cowboy in me

Some times what happens in real life never happens according to what you plan. I was planning to just drop lil miss whiney at the blog con as she was a volunteer there. As it was still early I wanted to just hang ard a while to pass time and later prolly go down to the hobby shop to get my motor changed.

Since I had nothing to do, I agreed to help look after the VIP room. One thing led to another my plans of going to the flying field after going to the hobby shop changed, its actually the NDP's fault, as they closed the roads into the area, it was difficult for me to drive out of the area let alone to go to the flying field and back later in the day. Then they had to block the human traffic from going into the MRT station too as they seemed to have booked the whole MRT train to transport some primary school kids for NDP. Even the tourist were making some negative comments about how sillypore handled the situation not allowing them to get their train tix even.

At the blogcon, many bloggers turned out for the event, but i wun list them as I am sure everyone else has alrdy done that to death. But my return to DXO was welcomed when makanguru pointed out that a lot of ppl has assumed that I am Cowboy Caleb, due to the clues that were given and given the fact that I was dressed similar to the description had a similar hair style of the true cowboy, so there you have it, I am now Cowboy Caleb.

Well not so if I have anything to say about it. I must say again, I am not Caleb's alter ego. The after event party was ok, well at least there were fireworks. It seems to me that the party was not as happening as the one that I attended at hideout some time ago. Not Saying I did not have fun, I had loads, when we were in our lil group consisted of, an IRC friend of lil miss whiney, her firiend and Curious George.

During the after party, there was a bit of commotion when 2 certain famous somebody exposed their chest to do a photo duet. Then there was the fiasco of getting everyone organized to go to the 'after party' after party the bulk of us went to Attica, saw how attas the place was and went home late.

My conculsion is that parties like these are best left organized in smaller groups with ppl you know better, as it got rather messy, I esp feel bad that I had no idea whom paid for the bottle opened then.

And for pete's sake, if you have not gotten it yet, I AM NOT COWBOY CALEB