Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I now understand

Watching BSG(Battlestar Galactica) lets you understand ppl more, I never thought I would say that by watching a scifi drama, I would learn more of the human mind. Now onto the subject of Xiaxue then, Why I want to talk about her, well why not? Anyway On her recent post about the whole SPG thing with the nude photos and all, and XX recently post some entries trying to tell ppl off about her not feeling jealous wadsoever about the whole incident, I come to a conclusion of my own.

Xiaxue is exactly like Gaius Baltar. Ok its an inside joke for a certain whiney someone. Well, from how she post, she always seems to have a greater or holier than everyone attitude that shows that in no way can she ever post something wrong. She is in denial that she could ever be wrong, a 21 yr old that can never be wrong. Now ppl lets all sit back and think, its like there is such a thing as a naiveguy! Hence my nick :)

Ok about Gaius Baltar, he is a genius of a scientist in BSG, but becoz of his own fleshly gains, he let a cylon infiltrator gain access to the 12 colonies defense matrix. Which led to the obliberation of all the colonies and massacre of his species, yet he felt that it was never his fault to begin with.

Lets come back to XX here, though she is no genius, nor did she lead to the obliberation of our species, her immense power of irrational reasoning that she can do no wrong really astounds even me. Like the time when she told off the dead guy whom went to retrive his slipper that he was stupid. She seems to be loosing her human touch and trying to ascend herself as goddess. I guess if she appears at blog con, it would become a real stuffy event, as she would be so full of herself that she would smother the rest of us.

I end with a joke now

How many xiaxues does it take to screw on a light bulb?


All she needs to do is hold the light bulb and wait for the world to revolve around her.