Thursday, June 16, 2005

If you blog, will they read.....

Age old question of blogging, why do you blog? I guess it could be a variety of reason, maybe you want to document the number of nipple hairs you have grown? Maybe you just want to fuck your boss and only place to do it is behind an anonymous name? Wadever the reasons, we all have we will not share. The main thing is to be true to yourself.

Someone asked me b4, wun it be sad if you write such great literature(I am not sayingmine is good to begin with) and nobody reads it? My answer, it is sadder if you write such shit to get readers and for readers. In the end of the day, even if there is 0 ppl coming to my blog to read it, it will be fine. Why? Coz at the end of the day, I would go back on teh shit I wrote and read it to myself. At least I can sometimes see how much different I am then and now (or same for that matter).

Then comes the question, why have a hit counter if that is the case, actually I am a blogging recluse, and when my hit counter start to move a bit too fast, you will notice that I will stop blogging. Thus I am actually more afraid of being read. Why you say? Well simple, everyone's got their reasons, mine, well I feel that getting t oo much readership equates to fame which equates to power(somewhat) which equates to evil. Thus I try to stay away from fame.

Also not everyone can wield fame well, it makes us rear our ugly heads sometimes when things get out of hand. Look at XiaXue, she was once a great read, funny and spunky, now she uses her blog more for condemning and taking ppl down, in their blogs no less. So how much fame you want if it can turn you into such an ugly creature?

True that we should be in control i such situations, or at least have teh basic sense to know wad is rite and wrong, but wad if this readership makes you feel that you can do no wrong and you got mindless fans that tell you that you are always right? I can say for sure that your sense of right and wrong will defintely be twisted and corrupted.

So comes back to the point of writing for your readers, I try not to write for them, its not that I dun appreciate ppl reading me, just that I do not feel I shld write for them. Even now I am writing this to tell myself not to write for my readers, yes all 10 or so of you. Also form reading several blogs about an on going political war in blogs, I tend to hide even deeper in my corner, make sme contemplate on whether to go for blogcon at all.