Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The dangers of Blogging?

Having a blog is not dangerous, well as long as you remain anonymous i guess. When you start meeting ppl, when you do stupid things, well that is the time when being well known in the blog sphere will come out and bite you in the ass.

Maybe that is why I still have yet to want to come out clean with my url whenever I am present at such meet ups. I like being in my lil corner, cursing someone in teh comforts of my cubicle. Not needing to be exposed to the world outside, not having to worry that one day i might loose my job over this blog I have.

Yet, as we are more public about our identity, we take little or no precautions in wad we do in our free time. There is also politics in teh blog sphere it seems, politics that ppl have over different group of friends, politics that you only think you see in the childish IRC world.

Prevention is better than cure, if you are a semi-well known blogger, your actions will have repercussions, no matter how trivial the matter you felt it was at that time. One must always guard themselves, hence all the defense mechanisms I have installed all around me. When I had to make sure no one got any dirt on me during my hay days in school, when anytime a good friend can stab you in the back.

I always abide to my number one rule, always look out for yourself(and your loved ones 1st). Make sure that wad you say or do in a public place do not bring harm to yourself(and your loved ones) You never know who will be digging dirt on you or chance upon a mistake you made, and having that mistake exposed on the net unintentionally. So my take is, if you do something that you feel will haunt you later in life, cover your tracks, leave no evidence. I am rather good at doing taht since I am so accustomed having to guard my ass 24/7.

It is much easier to not make mistakes so that no dirt can be traced to you. Thus another rule I have, that is to always learn from ppl's mistakes. Lastly I would like to say that most of the bloggers I know so far have had no malicous intend and sometimes, things said or posted were unintentional yet you will never know when a flame war/blog war will spark off due to a few careless post. To the rest of the world, do make more love and not war.