Monday, May 30, 2005

Anonymity no more.....

Yes after a week of hiding at home, from work, from internet, from blogs, the much dreaded thing has happened.... I have been browned when I was home playing on my xbox on one whole week. Now I am know as Jeffwee...thanks lil miss whiney for that...

oh well serves me right for not telling them my nick then and there. That also explains why my counter has jumped a bit. Anyway a week worth of no updates should quell wadever traffic the brown man has sent my way. I like to remain hidden, why you say? As being too known you tend to loose your private life (and I still want to curse all you bad, dumbass, dun know how yoou pass drivers out there with my flashing finger without my idendity being revealed.

Alas the sweet dream of being an unknown in a world where everyone knows everyone. Yes and thank you mirclay for plugging me. Hows the tongue :P One week of break from work seems to have done nothing for me, I still dun have the zest to work at my office desk, am still stalking many blogs that I read for the whole week worth of updates and trying to find new ways of going home early.

Besides, some of my colleagues read the brown blog and they might even report this blog to my boss if they find out I am writing blogs when I should be working. Oh well. I shall denouce where I work in future then.

About the hideout meet out, its weird when you finally put a face to the blogs you read, esp when you have read this person's blog and found it rather beng/lian and the person turns out to be a guy/gal next door type. You cannot help build a picture of someone whom has been writing on their blogs and have yet to reveal their pictures on their blogs. You seem to always either stereotype or want a person to look the way you have imagined them to look like. But as what they say, sometimes life can be stranger than fiction.

My vegan colleague said something yet again funny today. My supervisor asked for a DVD-R, My vegan colleague suggested to get it from the store officer, my vegan colleague suggested to get the key without the store officer's knowleadge, my vegan colleague suggested to take one DVD-R and put the key back. My vegan colleague did not mention to sign out for it. The rest of us were like dot dot dot. I really wonder wad is in his head sometimes.