Friday, May 13, 2005

My Vegan Colleague

I have a vegan colleague, that means he eats only vegetables. My vegan colleague is very gentle, my vegan colleague is very soft spoken, my vegan colleague is very rich and my vegan colleague sometimes say the 'funniest' things.

Me : what drink is that?

Vegan : ice cocktail

Me : how much is it?

Vegan : 70cents

Me : thats cheap

Vegan : not really

Me : But outside it will cost $1

Vegan : But there is nothing much in this, just cocktail and ice

Me : Hello..... it is 'iced cocktail' what else you want in it?

See he can be very funny sometimes. Anyway why I say he is rich is becoz for the years he work with me and the same pay he gets as me, I bought a car and have not seen him lavish on things even new clothes. So from my estimates and him admitting he does nothing much but stay at home and watch tv on weekends, I beleive that he has close to ard 50K in his bank cash.

He doews not seem to indulge in anything so where can he spend his money? So any gals need a rich sugar daddy, pls contact me for his information :P