Friday, April 29, 2005

Double Standards

Human beings are surrounded by a myrid of double standards. i have come to realize how hypocritical all of us are. So its not some that are hypocritical, but everyone. Do not believe me? Well I have compliled a lil list of this that most of us at some point of time hold double standards for.

It is okay for a man to fuck around, so can a woman.........I dun think so!!

When men sleep ard, we call it normal. Esp when the guy is not attached it seems to be teh norm to allow such behaviour, as in picking up strange women in pubs to have an ONS. Even those whom are attached or married are sometimes forgiven as calling it 'a show' as long as he is not serious with the 'slut' in question.

But as you know if there is no supply, there would be a lower demand, well its supposed to be opposite I know. Anyway wad I mean is whom are these strange women that are being picked up? These women must 'fuck like men' rite? But the problem here is these women are considered sluts. Thus if a woman was to 'fuck like a man' all the other ppl (from old chais aunties to any man) will think that this woman is a slut. This is a big no no to any mother in law if she knew that her coming dotter in law was active in the bedroom scene.

2 gals making it out is wild!!! 2 men making it out is wilder....I dun think so!!

We in society have always seem a bit touchy about same sex relationships. Face it ppl whom are homophobic will never go away, just as gay ppl will never go away. But in this time and age it seems that 2 gals making it out seems to be an alright scene with most ppl. Why you say? Well in most men's eyes they who think that with 2 gals making it out, when they are hot an horny, they can think that the gals would want him to join them and he gets double teh pleasure, double the fun. Even some women think that it is arousing to see 2 mowen at it with each other.

But when it comes to 2 men doing it, all men(healthy heterosexual ones) will reject the idea. Not one straight guy will think that it is artistic to see 2 men with dicks and balls and hair, fucking each others asshole arousing. Its a more sick feeling than that. Even a lot of women find this kind of sex not even near the levels of kinky. The only group of ppl that I forsee the only group of ppl that will ever enjoy such a feat is gay men.

Equality between the sexes we employ men and women the same....I dun think so!!

Face it there will never be a gender equality, women will kill for same pay for the same job as a men, but yet they do find it hard to let go the pros for being a women, i.e. doors being opened for her, being driven ard, guys carry stuff for her. Also at the same time Companies say that they do not practice gender discrimination, employs men for a role that needs more muscles and employs women if they can do the job cheaper than a man can.

You also wun be seeing men selling cosmetics and woman lumberjacks any time real soon rite?

Its ok to cry, women do it, so men can dry too....I dun think so!!

When a woman cries, those around her often comfort her and give her a shoulder to cry on. Then there are psycologist out there that say that those that do not cry develop mental problems. Yet when men cry, they call them sissies. Rite so men cannot show emotions, great.

Out this is all I have for today and will carry on on this topic next week when I come back form tioman. Have a good weekend.