Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Meeting for the sake of meeting

Yup thats teh trend, why do they like to waste time to meet and can nothing accomplished? Worst thing is that there was no need for any of teh onsite techys to be ard, as there were no items for them nor was there any projects or questions directed at them. Yes I am one of those unlucky onsite techys.

Nuff of my whining about my time being wasted ( could have done something more productive, like sleeping :P )

Been reading Caleb's blog On his latest entry about these group of ppl that visit places of ' interest' in sillypore. I read all teh entries that was link from that page and wished that I too had the group of ppl there interested to visit the scary site. I have always been facinated by the unnatural. The last time I was there with my bro, we had barely drove up the hill and was about to disembarked into the dark road, a rover with some commandos followed us and told us to turn back. Why are the red beret of singapore protecting this abandoned place?

The there was this time when I was with special miss whiny driving ard near the area after supper at changi village. We came across this part of the road somewhere inside and the funny thing was that piece of road had all the street lights turn off, or probably blown blubs, who knows. But i remember my bro telling me about a stretch of haunted road near his old camp that has the same phenomenom and he saw a woman turned into a huge flying bat then. All of a sudden I felt the tingling feeling on the back of my neck, I only got this feeling whenever I feel one of these 'things' are nearby. Thus I quickly U-turned the car and left the area immediately.

Then ther was this friend that related this story to me when he served as a commando in his hay days, he was serving in the old commando barracks which used to be part of OCH.

" I was told about the spot I was assigned to do my guard duty, someone said thatif an officer approached you while you were there, try not to look up when you anser him as most likely he would not have a head. Then another chimed in that the other nite somewhere pass midnight he all of a sudden smelled incense burning, and when he turned ard there it was, ghost money in a big pile burning. The thing was he swore he never fell asleep and swore no one walked pass me.

I brushed all these aside and felt that my bunk mates where making fun of me by tryingto scare me. I dun really beleive in that shit so I did not cared nor worried too much. I stood that nite near the tree on top of the hill where we had to guard a side gate. Surely enuff somewhere pass 1.30 am I smelled the smell of incense burning. I look at the small alter at the side of teh road and surely enuff there was a pile of ghost money burning there. It shocked me as no one was able to get past me nor sneak up on me to put the incense there. "

Freaky story eh? So next time you go up there, look out for it ok?