Friday, March 11, 2005

Wad the HEOW... You crazy drivin BIATCH

I was on my way to work as usual, driving down the stretch on clementi road before the junction of Sunset way. This crazy bitch wanted to filter into teh right lane from the middle lane in order to rush to work. One problem, I was in that rite lane 1/4 into her car length. She just did not chk her blind spot, I horned her as it was my rite to do so coz I was 1) accelerating at that point 2) she was too damn near. Of course this horn woke her bloody idea and made her swerve back into her lane.

Thought that was teh end of it. I drove as per normal after that and approached my working place. On the junction at university hall, I stopped at the traffic light now in the middle lane. To my surprise, that damn bitch chased me all the way there and stopped next to me at the left lane. I noticed she was also a staff of NUS. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to move off on green light.

My car took lead and as I saw her full car in my left mirror (indicates itt is at least one car length away) I signalled my intentions and proceed to filter into the lane. Guess wad??? The damn bitch horned me!!! Wad teh HEOW..... I am one car length in front of you, wad the fuck is your problem! She just did not like the fact that she drove like a pussy and I was going to be in front of her again. I think she just wanted to horn me back for horning her earlier.

Some ppl have the nerve to not admit a mistake, I mean when I horned her the 1st time, it was becoz she did not chk her frugging blind spot and I was in that blind spot. Not becos I did not want to let her go nor did I want to force hr back into that lane, but becoz I was in that lane and the laws of physics denote that no 2 cars can occupy the same space at the same time. Wad is so hard to understand? Why she had to come chase me and horn me back?

In essence she thinks that wad she did was rite and thus the chasing me down to horn me back attitude. Dun you just hate it when someone commits a mistake and thinks that he/she did was rite? I mean, comeon you are old enuff to be matured about admitting to your own mistakes. I hate these so called self righteous bastards/bitches, even if they killed someone they would pine teh blame on something else, be the sun, the moon, the sky, the sea or the earth.