Monday, March 07, 2005

Lecturer 1 : Students 0

I had a rather pleasent surprise today when I was preparing to record yet another mundane lecture on a monday morning for a bunch of ingrate eng students. The students came in late, prance ard a bit in the LT for a nice place to park their asses and toked nonchantly and rather loudly.

The lecturer had already began his lecture, I was under the impression that he does not care about the abhor behaviour that these 'fine' examples of the best in sillypore has to offer. Then he started to shell at them. Told them to shut up and sit down. He continued to tell them that they are the worst batch of students that he had ever seen. Asking them if they thoughtthat teh world owed them a living? and that they are supposed to be the future of sillypore, yet displayed such disgaceful behaviour.

I was speechless, almost a tear formed inmy eye when I heard those words, I was deeply touched, as those are the exact words I feel like telling these 'damned' students from time to time. The trend has been that the younger generation of singaporeans are getting worst with each generation, also these young uns are really gettingto such a level that they think that they are lazy, selfish, have no compassion and the likes.

Its not surprising as I see the way a lot of teh younger generation blogs, its disheartening. A lot of them always asking for wants and not needs and that they seem to not be able to live if they do not et want they 'want'. Oh well, I guess we have breed a generation of spoilt, selfish brats that only cared for themselves and no one else.

On a side note a self proclaimed blogging celebrity will make her appearance here on campus tomorrow to promote the tees she is endorsing. Well those whom are her fans do flock down to NUS forum at 12- 2 pm and see wad she looks like in person. She is none other than our famous, or rather infamous 'xiaxue'.