Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's day @ NUS

Lunch was bad...real bad. I had no idea my my brain decided to try a new stall. It was teh type of bad that tasted like uncooked soya sauce, rice and long cooked chiken cubes that were fried to hard and left too long. It lasted weird, well down rite disgusting. But aside form this, I mad eis observation while I was in teh arts and social science canteen. the dek ( which I think is a stupid name came up by stupid ppl)

The observation I made was that today, being valentines day every single arts gal ( i have only seen this fac so far) is wearing either an extra short sjirt, a extra low top they can squeeze their boobs in or a combination of both, accompanied by maek up of some sort in teh range of medium to thick. Dumb bitches parading in their short attire, with bouqets of overpriced flowers in their arms, trying to show the world that some dumb ass has gave her flowers.

Even in the LT I saw some of these dumb bitches properly displaying their articles of affections on teh tables next to them. I decided to use teh camera and spy of wad writings n these cards. Sadly to say that almost all teh flowers were sent by friends....awwwwww you poor bitch. I dun get it, why do they wear like whores in geylang trying to hook guys or at least get the most number of dumb guys to get them flowers on this dumb day which teh flower shops profit from it extensively.

Do any of these dumb bitches think they by parading themselves these way in light of everyone promote them as a good bed companion? sadly it will just show how easy/cheap/slutty they are. Mot of them will return to a cold bed by teh stroke of midnite tonite. Alas only a few will have their coverted valentine's day sex. Btw isn;t valentine's day supposed to be about this guy's love for some dumb bitch while he was executed or something? Real romantic to get your head cut off I say.

Well the irony is that most ppl whom will not be really celebrating this dumb day will be having sex like any normal day tonite. So eat your hearts out you dumb bitches.ever wonder why a rose that cost you 90cents any other day cost you 9 bucks today? Like its that romantic to buy overly priced flowers. I think why not save that money to get her something she wants like a watch, cd player, ipod, etc....

Ppl whom beleive in valentine's day are really shallow, if it is true love, shld not one feel the same way everyday? I think its just all bullshit taht ppl think that its special to give gifts on this one day. Why not try giving gifts everyday then? Also good lucky in tryingto find a placeto eat at some fine resturant, chances are they are fully booked while I enjoy a good carrot cake tonite.