Monday, January 17, 2005

Near miss to the eye

I know its been a fukcing long time since i made a substantial post, hey I got a fucking life, you know the usual, like running down ppl in my car, stealing any cool car I see on teh streets, having cheap sex with prostitutes and put out fires with a fire engine I stole, okok... I did not do those things, well actually I did, but only in the game i am so engrossed in recently, its call Grand theft auto san andrea. This time round I get to do a lot more shit, you canm even train your body or buy lots of clothes, even get a cool hair cut.

well enuff of that game. Back to topic, ok as I was saying, I had a near miss to my eye. I was cutting my rabbit's, sweetpie, nails with a animal nail cutter, she does not like having her nails done, so untypical of a woman... anyway as I was trying to cut a nail on her foot, she kicked my hand and I hit my eye with the cutter. lucky for me it only hit the white part of teh eye, and lieft a slight cut on it. My rite side of my rite eye it now blood shot red. Pust started to gather yesterday and I decided to see the doctor. The doctor told me that its not serious and I just need to put some eye drops. Oh well wad a wasted of 8 bucks.

I have another ointment that I must put at nite only as it will make my vision blurry, cool a cream that makes youi blind... wad will they think of next, contracepive pills that make you pregnant?

I guess i wun be blogging for a while, aside from my NDS, PS2, I too have a new pc in my room now, finally. I guess there will be too many games for me to play ad begging me to complete b4 I ever see the light of day again, well I am sure I wun be missed anyway.

Lastly, singaporean drivers still suck...big time, they got to buck and stop being assholes on teh road, else on fine day I will run you down, pull you out of your car and beat you to a pulp with my crow bar. Opps thats teh game toking again.