Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Singapore Drivers all have their right index fingers broken off.....

why else can you explain that no one seem to use indicators when driving.... Its bullshit when you drive down the roads here, and ppl are just coming into your lane without letting yu know, and i am 2 feet from their rear. Do they want to have an accident? Have they lost their cornailly control over that right index finger? We will never know.

Its bad enuff you got to put up with this shit from taxis(OMFG the shitless IDIOTS, whom terrorize everyone on the road) now I got to contend with such behaviour from regular drivers? Wad is up with all these ppl? Oh yeah I dun give a flying fuck about, ppl not letting you pass when you use your indicators. HELLO... you think they will let you pass when you dun?? DUH!!! tok about dumb asses.

I guess even with the so called 'festive mood' in the air, ppl in sillypore are all but nice. I beg to differ about the making love survey too, its obvious that sillyporeans do have lots of sex, too bad is only oral sex, like when they pass one another, they with give each other a verbal fuck that sounds like 'FUCK YOU' or teh more propriately used "KAN N I NAH'

Now i know the world is ending, we seem to deteriorate every year and no one gives a damn. No wonder we dun do well when we want to get to know ppl, I guess its our mentality to do or think that if someone does some thing 'nice' there must be a hidden agenda. You know wad is dumb? the gals that think that 'ang mohs' whom, do nice things, well, they got more hidden agendas then you think, like getting you in bed and fucking your 'tight' pussies till you cannot walk.