Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Oh well time to get back on track

Been a while since I had blogged, aside from trying to hope that ppl loose interest in my blog so no one reads it and a hectic lifestyle to boot. I really find it hard to sit still for 5 mins to blog. I guess by now everyone is familiar with teh happenings, I will not comment much about it anymore. Lets jst say put it behind us and move on(wad else do you want? my blood?)

I was at this raving house party filled with horny ang mohs, horny gays and horny sluts on satyurday. I as a responsible driver, did not drink a drop of alcohol. No point loosing my license to such a behaviour rite? Well at least not till I have gotten my 24 pts.

Back to the party, aside from toking about male/female ejaculation adn having a certain wise lady to tell us that women do have ejaculations ( I think she was drunk ) I also witness some horny ( read as cheap ) women that were literally throwing themselves on some ang mohs. Oh well we chinks have 1.4 inch dicks....wat to do??

Anyway i Was noticing how eagar these woman throw themselves onto to an ang moh, given the same situation they will feel disgusted if a chinese guy did the same thing that the angmoh did, his hands roame from on top of her crotch (read as pubic area) to the sides of her breast, she showed that his touch was pleasurable by gyrating her ass on to her crotch in a standing position by the kitchen door.

Wad I felt was wrong is that she did it to another guy like 5 mins later. Tok about horny. lucky I look like a typical chink with a 1.4 inch dick that makes these act not so tight women stay teh hell away form me. I like to do my observations, uninfluenced and unhindered. In short it was a place with a setup of a mass orgy going to happen, but i guess it never happened.

The rest of a weekend was a bit of a bore, having another DVD party on sunday afternoon that lead to not much DVD watching and nothing to write about, I shall skip it all.

Then last ite a certain someone called me on my home phone ( not my personnal room phone) to my horror it was......................... JUDY, crazy, stalk, bitch, teeth blow jobber, yes sh eis that bad and more. I was like WTF, I tot the last time wwe had a convo it ended in a 'she wun call me again' fashion. Here she is calling me again.

I gave her the usual 'fuck me' attitude and see how much of that shit she could take from me. Well theconvo ended with her slamming the phone, after her famous 'I wun call you EVER again, dun regret' line. Well wanna bet she will call me back again same time next yr? She always call me during this time of teh yr, when my bday is ard teh corner and hers is one week after that. Oh well....

I hope you really dun ever call agin.