Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Creeping feelings and reflections

Last nite I had some tau huay supper with 2 lovely ladies that accompany me to geylang for teh soya treat. They were discussion certain life n death issues while i was lost in my tau huay. Deep down inside, i still think of the gal in my dreams.... I keep wondering if I will ever meet her again.

I ask myself why do I bother to sms someone whom doe snot seem to know my exsistence, not even a simple I am fine reply. I guess i must attribute my chance meeting with her to the 7th month, and thus will have no such luck in future. Yet I still stalk the place in hopes to meet someone similar or even she herself there. Its funny why i am doing this at all. I mean I am more logical than that to pursue a airy tale rite?

As teh rain ppoured down, and while I was driving thru it, sonngs played on teh radio seemed so familiar, like it was telling me a story, or giving me advices, or just consoling me at my despair. My mind drifts, but I snap out of it, as it would cause a road accident if I do not concentrate. I meet women in my everyday surroundings all tehtime, yet, I still cannot find the one I want, the one i long for.

I guess I have to con't this lengthy road to search for somethingthat will never happen. They saya dream only comes to you once, yet I want to find this same dream again desperately. Well its funny whenever it rains, it affects my mood, I have always been attached to the rain, maybe my most dispairing moments are in the rain. Well good thing is, that tml is ladies nite, another wed, another week to hope for her then.