Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Things I heard during lunch

Yesteray while having lunch with my bag(read as eating alone) I was sitted next to 2 guys and a gal. NUS have tables that are so close together I wonder why they bother to seperate them. Why do I say this, well the gal sitting next to me got up a few times, and I had to siam my head from her ass a few times too. The worst thing is that that at one point of time she stood up and looked ard for her other friends, which in a way, swayed her ass almost hitting my head not once, not twice but a three times, had I notice that fat ass coming my way.

I very much wanted to tell her to sit her ass down. Well they were toking about karma and all that they beliob that they dun do bad things to ppl, thus bad things will not happen to them. And I tot I was naive... Anyway, as they said that, the gal, stated some bitchy gossip about some gal they knew. She was saying that this gal is so bad that even a bastard like (lets call him dick) siamz her.

She was going on about how bastard this 'dick' is and yet he does not want anything to do with that gal. Thus I am baffled, if they beklibed in kkarma, and they are bad mothing someone whom is supposed to be their friend, wun that be bad karma? Oh well I digress.... Another tot I had is about the guy she called a bastard, she said that he was one becoz he has the finance and looks to be one, does that mean that all rich and handsome men are bastards? Sour grapes anyone?

Then she went on about point oput that one of the guys with her whom was better looking than the other, can be a bastard as he got the looks, while the other protested saying. like that you insulting me lor. In a weird friendly way. Anyway I just could not help but think that this gal is just pull shit out of her ass. Everyone knows its a vicious cycle, the bastard and teh bitch, one cannot exsist without the other.

Its simple,

Guys become bastards, how?

Nice guy meets bitch, bitch plays nice guy, nice guy becomes bastard

Gals become bitch, how?

Nice gal meets bastard. Bastard screws her over, nice gal become bitch

And the cycle goes on and on and on........

Thats just life manz, it sucks and there is nothing we can do about. Well sometimes no matter how hard you try to change what you are, you never seem to escape your fate. So why bother? Everything exsist for a reason, and everything that begins will have an end. Why care or digress so much, just enjoy the ride and see where it leads to.