Friday, September 03, 2004

Ego boost?

Times have changed and in the past I always tot that only guys with (small) penises needed ego boosting. Though its nice once in a while to have an ego boost or 2. I recently noticed that even gals needed that, an ego boost to themselves by throwng themselves at guys and wanting the guys to react positively to their throws. Especially when a gal is in a emotional roller coaster with a said cyrrent bf. She tends to do dumb things to get the attention form a guy, well any guy so that to assure herself that she is still needed in this world.

Then when she is satisfied that she still has it in her, she totally lets the guy go off in his own emotional roller coast ride. After pondering a bit I now understand why there are so many bitches and bastards out there. Well it simple, it is sort of a chain reaction that starts with a person whom seems devoid of feelings and this person starts by hurt those ard him/her for his/her selfish gains. Thus those whom are hurt goes ard hurting others as they feel that they need to exact some sort of sick revenge on others to satify themselves.

Thus the cycle goes on and ppl get hurt and they in turn hurt others. Maybe thats how thge bitch and bastard cycle works out. B4 I go off topic with this and crash it into a wall, lets get back to the topic at hand of ego boosting.

Why is it so that we tend to do silly things justto boost our own ego? Be it you race with a dick head that cut you off on the road to out dance some shumck you just cannot stand dancing on the platform and gaining all the attention of the gals/guys or even fliirting with a guy/gal you just know with no intention of keeping in contact teh day after. For me I have seldom or never try to boost one self ego justto get something. I rather not do such a silly stunt in case it back fires and I will inturn be shamed from it.

I always think humans are silly creatures with mind bewildering habit that tend not to make sense more than anything. What about the rest of you out there, do you engage in some sort of self ego boosting just to make sure that you feel like you are the top dog? or do you sit at the corner and watch the world go by? I like to think of me as different sometimes, like a person that no one notices in a pub or bar and sits in his own corner to have his drink while watchingthe world go by.

I know... I am strange as a lot of ppl have told me many times. But I guess we all have to be unquie at some point of time.