Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I am a SCHMUCK...wahahahhahaha

The Schmuck
Category XIII - The

How appropriate that you get the number 13. You're
an ass. A jerk. People tolerate you A)
Because they have to for some reason or B)
You're too dim to realize that you should GO
AWAY. Time to get a clue...

What Type of Social Entity are You?
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Finally someone has the guts to tell me off, well not really someone, but something, I knew all that your too good for me crap is not so true about me. Oh btw that is the usual excuse I get when a gal wants to break up with me. I mean I dun get it, these gals are very selfish when they say such things to break up with a guy so that they dun feel guilty about breaking up.

I mean if there is something wrong with me, tell me!! So that in future I can adjust myself and not make the same mistakes with another gal. But no, just becoz they dun want to be teh bad guy when they break up with me, they tell me lies about me being so good, thus they get their cake and eat it.

Well now the truth is staring rite in my face, am i going to change, well I guess not, since its a bit too late and I stand not to gain anything if I changed at all. Thus I am going to go about my own oblivious ways knocking on ppl and pissing them off. Anyway the damage has been done, I dun consider myself having any real friends that I can pour my soul out to them when the shit hits the fan, thus I guess I have to find inventive ways to console myself each time i trip and fall.

I also learnt that the schmucks in singapore30+ channel are mainly chee hongs ( yes guys toking about you) like there was this regular today that wasard an dlooking ard to see if anyone was awake. Thus asking if all sleeping, when I replied he said I was kaypoh. But replied to another female user lik e a long lost friend. I think to these chee hongs, they shld ask, any of the gals awake instead of anyone i sawake. Coz their intentions of aksing that question is to get soem smpathy from the 'tarcos' in the house to boost their SPS.

It is so misleading that a person like me might mistaken that this half witted amoeba actaully wants a conversation, but is instead looking for some vagina to boost his already small penis. It makes me wonder sometimes about teh comments about singaporean men I hear from the ladies, both local and expat, that we sg men cannot make it. With such mentality, I ain't surprise at their conclusions, as it really seems that the men here only want to tok to vaginas, any vagina.

On a side note, next week is national day. Another year has passed, n I felt that another year has been wasted. I do welcome the long weekend though but I do not know what to do this year. I definitely cannot go flying this weekend coz of the area I fly in will be closed off, n they dun want 200 dollar planes crashing into their 3 million dollar planes.

This year i might go out for the fun of it instead, well we will see how things go, maybe in teh end i might just stay at home and adopt the foetal position and just sleep.