Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ever Wondered......

Ever wondered if your life is governed by some mystic powers way beyong our comprehension? Like its supposed to go one way only, or a certain patha nd no matter how hard you want to stray from that path , some how some mystic powers keep you on that path? Confusing eh? Ok Let me try to bring it a few levels down of understanding. Let say you got this guy, lets call him A, A all his life has had a sheltered life. So he is not exposed to the myrids of harshness of real life. Also he is sheltered from teh dark side of life, i.e gangs, one nite stands, drugs and the likes.

So then A hears about all of such things but has never experienced it and is curious to find out more about it. Thus he goes on an adventure to live that kind of life, only problem is, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot seemed to be exposed that that kind of life. Even when he goes to the place swhere he has heard that exposure to these things are common, yet some mystical force disallow him to participate or be even aware of such events going on ard him.

I guess it is a sort of fate that is binded to everyone's lives. In a way I think that some ppl are given a broader type of life style to experience while ssome are only given a narrow spectrum to live in. Thus some ppl may be able to go to either extremes where others are stuck in either extremes or smack in the a small quadrant of the spectrum of the type of lifestyle to choose from. It sort of binds everyone to a certain set of choices we can mak ein our lives I guess.

In other news, yesterday some poor bloke threw himself on the tracks of the MRT on the tracks of bishan. From my sources, he worked for a company in the west and is a accountant and has 2 kids of one is 2 yrs old. Also the reason for his decision was becoz he was heavily in debt. Thus he thought by ending it all it would solve everything. I wonder if it does solve anything. I find it irresponsible to kill yourself an let your family settle the problems you created.

I am sure the debtors will look for the wife now that he is gone. I wonder if that will drive the wife to do the same thing, then wad next? Life is weird I guess, some ppl whom can live choose to die while others whom have short lives want to live but can't.  I guess everyone is ultimately given a choice to live or die whether you have a diverse fate or a simple one. I think I belong in teh simple fate catergory, coz in teh last few weeks even when i try as hard as I want to look for a certain type of lfestyle, it eludes me. Also coming from a person whom has contemplated sucide in my past, I find it hard to beleive it is the easy way out as I find it usually teh cowards way out as I found out for myself in my youth.  guess it was a hard time and now as I passed that phase, I think there is much mor ein life than stupid little problems that we cannot see past.

Yes there is many problems that we will face, but it takes a matured and responsible mind to clearly think it thru and live it wisely and maybe be rewarded well for the experience that you have gained. Oh last nite I was out again, a certain friend asked me why I so 'dao'. As that bitch friend of hers was with her, I replied ' I am irritating on IRfc and in real wad, why bother rite?' I dun go knocking on bitches doors to invite them to bite me if you get wad I mean :)