Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wads with the self questioning?

These few days I have been reading al ot of 10 yrs ago, 5 yrs ago reflections on ppl's lives in their blogs, I must ask one thing, wad is it with these reflections? Life is too short to dwell in the past man. If I were to write these reflections it would sound like this:
10 yrs ago....
I was a human bean
5 yrs ago....
I still am a human bean
1 yr ago....
I am still a bloody human bean....wad do you expect??!!
You get my point? I just dun get the purpose of such an exercise, it has no purpose wadsoever.
Ok enuff about bitchin about others, I have been transfered to a new job and have moved in to my new secluded cubical. I now sit at a place I always want to sit for a very long time. no one to peep at wad I am doing from now on!!! The world s mine!!!Muahhahahahahhaha Ok I need valium this morning. Anyway the 1st few days on my new job, this system analysis of mine kept dumping work on me, like I am teh trash can. C;mon a man can only do so much.
I dun get it, I have been here for 5 yrs or so and he think she can dump work on me like  a newbie? I wonder why he dun do it to teh other memebres of the team. Do I have a rape me sign on my forehead? I must learn to say no to work from time to time now. There is only so much I can do manz, its not like i got 4 arms or so.
Tml is wednesday....ladies nite agian, shld I or shld I not..... well we will see how it goes 1st.