Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Blackout in Singapore?

Groping in the dark? Air con not working? I guess that is the feeling 30% of the population felt last nite. the main question now is, were you one of them. I myself was omited from this 'fun' episode as I was at home, in the luxury of elctricity, air con and all.

How can this happen you wondr in amazement, in your minds you are thinking that how such a thing that only occurs in less developed countries often can happen to our metropolitan home. According to the authorities, the gas supply from Indonesia was disrupted. WTF you say? Come to think of it if Indonesia decides to terminate our gas supply does that mean the whole country will grope ard in darkness?

It makes you wonder where are all the redundacies in an event like that and how can a place lik esingapore where we refine crude oil into petrolium products to export to other country could have power outage due to disruption of gas flow? Weird I say, somemore its like the second time in a months time whereby such an event has happen. Good thing both times missed my estate.

Xando not working?

Day 4 of the Xando struggle. My wt this morning is 76.5Kg. WTF was my 1st reaction. I dun know man, though my clothes are feeling looser, or is it my imagination, my wt has not changed much. Money back garuantee here I come!!