Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The day that everyone else seems to be pissed or want to piss me off

*CRACK* goes my fingers as I crackle them to get ready to pund on them furiously. I can almost hear the pleas from my keys on my keyboard begging me to not take it out on them. MUAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH I am going to pound you to an oblivion. Ok I am pissed, if you have not got it till now. Why am I pissed you ask? Its very simple. Just when I thought that the singaporean man can not surprise me more with their SPS ( small penis syndrome ) some asshole on the IRC goes and prove me wrong.

Ok this is wad happened, I was on a channel with a different nick ( something I dun do for ages ) and I came across a familiar nick, SummerGal, so i tot to chat with her on the mains of that said channel. Knowing that she would not regconize me due to the nick, nor did I want to revert to my own nick. i decide to still msg her on the mains as she blocks all her pte msgs due to the channel she is in ( go figure ). My msg was simple, I just said that she is not as friendly as she was 3 yrs ago ( hint that I know her that long ) coz earlier I said hi to her and she did not respone to me.

The comes this asshole by the nick of Lucent, whom felt that his penis was threatened when I was toking to summergal on teh mains had to spew shit form his mouth and started to insult me. Saying that she choose not to respond to me coz I used to be yandao and now am not. I mean wad the fuck is his problem. Ok I am more mild mannered and tot that the guy has a dick up his ass at that time so i let it slide and ignored his pot shots directed to me.

This guy really hates to be ignored, I con't my convo with SummerGal and this 'Lucent' charater kept attacking me with no ryhme or reason. I mean, did I kill his mother sometime ago? Maybe I raped his sister? Wad the FUCK is wrong with this lil prick that I am sure has yet to have hair fully budded out of his penis. He started saying things like how I was lame in trying to get attention in teh channel, which obviously was wad he was doing. I was only trying to tok to a friend I knew 3 yrs ago. These SPS really piss me off. I just told him to grow up and had no time for ppl with small pricks. I logged off as I hate conflicts.

SO I tot well maybe its not my nit in IRC. I turned to msn as usually these are your friends, I notice a new friend that I got to know a while back was online and msged her. I have no idea wad her problem was but she replied in a not so friendly manner. SO i tot to just show my concern as a friend and asked if she was ok. Her reply was rather sarcastic as though I raped her and left her in the lurch. I have not even met her and she was giving me such attitude. I told her off by saying that if she was not in a good mood just say so, and dun direct her hostilities at me. Well needless to say the conversation did not end well and I ended up telling her that since she felt so hostile towards me for gawd knows wad reason, we shld not contact each other anymore. I removed her contact from my list shortly.

Felling like nothing was going rite, at least I foung lexelle on msn whom had just finished tidying up her place and let me a listening ear. Boy I sure appreciate that. She has been a friend to me for at least 3 or more year. One of the few ppl i can call my friend for more than 3 yrs. I guess the problem really could be me, as I have no other friends that have lasted since my sec sch days.