Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Its Ladies Nite!!!

Oh great its wednesday, the brunt of wild ladies and sexy gals will all horde down to the various pubs bar and such to engage in the event called ladies nite, where gals get free booze and go into exclusive places for free. Good idea you will think, you get more women drinking free booze equals more women willing to give free sex in their intoxicated state.

WRONG, you wun be having free sex from some unknown wild babe that is highly intoxicated and free 'ass' to grad as they say. Wad you will get wold be maybe seeing some silly gal whom cannot even remember her father's name by the time you get to her, can't even tell if your her friend or the local morturer and basically giglling like a damn fool.

Worst is that this 'wild babe' will try to engage in silly tok as she cannot even think straight, you try to humour her in thinking that you can grab her ass for free, and maybe even score with her. The next thing you know when you are helping her up your car, she throws up all over that luxurious ride of yours. Now now, and you say that its free sex, think of the cleaning bill to get that shit off your car?

Also you got to put it to the ppl whom though up this 'ladies nite' idea, wad are they thinking, though women can drink much less that men before getting intoxicated, still free booze is gong to burn a hole in your pocket, even if you got deep pockets. Face it, you think that you going to make any money by givin away free booze? Yeah I know, someone says that teh men that comes to these places pay for the expenses. Wad if some of these men just comes and pays for cover, gets a boozed out babe and leaves? I doubt that they want to hang ard much and pay more, esp when its filled with babes that have knocked themselves out by drinking away the free booze. MOst will just come pick a hot intoxicated chick, rbing her out and bang her away(vomit and all).

Well the other bad thing that might happen is that these chicks, when they wake up in the morning next to you, may even cry rape, at that point I dun think they will look hot anymore. Anyway its a free country, do anything you like but dun get caught. With a mentality like that I am sure singaporeans will get along fine in future. Oh btw the STD and AIDS are complimentry :)