Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why do singaporean men Drive like assholes when they got a Babe(somewhat) at their side?

Yesterday as I was on my way home after an uneventful nite form an uneventful place, I was drivin as per normal until I reached one intersection whereby I was forced to go to teh worng lane. so I thought to myself that maybe I try to get off the green light faster than the car on my left and i shld be able to get into his lane in front of him.

A simple plan, but the only thing is that the driver of teh MPV next to me, had a Babe(somewhat, taste may differ with others) So he seeing that I was trying to out accelerate him, also gunned his 1.8 MPV, I guess it was some macho shit that he had to prove to his babe and the fact that I am only a P plate. Both our cars left the rest of the traffic in our dust. And I was off in a race with this MPV gu whom wants to prove his penis(read as ego) is bigger than mine.

Of coz I was pissed as all I wanted to do was to get home. So in an ala 'fast and furious' fashion, we took the stretch of road towards the pie as some sort of indy 500. The thing was that I did not want to prove anything, but everytime I let go a bit thinking that I got nothing to prove, he stop going that fast and when I approach him slightly he started to gun his engine again. Talk about serious problems....

Well on the PIE I was on my way home I saw that same MPV in fornt of me and he changed to teh rite lane and was in the 2nd lan to the left. So I thought of just going home, as my car approached his he started his nonsense again. Too bad he choose a lane that had some road works going on, he had to slow down and watch my 1 finger salute as I pass him by. That was the end of that ego match I guess.

Later when I reached an intersection near my place. I was along side this toyota, and there of coz was another babe(somewhat again) at the driver's side. I tot nothing is going to happen, and was really wanting to get home. So I moved off on green my usual fast manner when no traffic was ard and this guy in teh toyota, felt that his penis(read as ego) was also at stake.....WTF. He gunned his engine and went ahead of me in his lane....I was left in amazement and wondered if all singaporean men had to do that to make their passenger cum in theri seats to get some sex from them. I have no idea where all these 'men' with small penises come from. Come on I was only tying to make my way home. I have no intention of drivin better(or faster) than you to bed your babe(somewhat ok).

Now I know why a lot of ppl complained that singapore men can't make it. They got small penis complex, petty and miserly(well maybe very generous to babes they want to bed). Its times like these that make me feel ashame to be called a singapore man.