Thursday, June 03, 2004

The luckiest person......

Yup its finally proven.... I am the luckiest person on this earth...NOT!!!! On contray I am teh total opposite. Well you guys heard about my car, the one that was humped form behind by a matrix on steroids after 5 days I got it. Well luck has it that yesterday when I went to taka and was parking my car on the seveth floor, which was being renovated for no reason, had to pick up a nail in the tire. I drove to work not knowing about it, then at lunch time when I usually go and take a look at my lil beauty, b4 lunch wad do I find???? A flat tire on the front driver side.


ok a lil mellow dramtic I know... but why, of all ppl, of all cars, or of all tires must that huge screw fiond its way embedded into my tire? I must find out if my other tires are affected, if so, I think only one other thing could be amisdt form this ordeal, and that is soem one actually hates me enuff to sabotage me....GO FIGURE!!( that must be like half of singapore ) Maybe its one of my 40 or so ex gfs... maybe its someone I snatched a gal from b4.... I think its just my luck. Oh well that explains why I have not been laid lately(its been a yr or so).

Well the good thing is that being a newbie at owning a car., I had to resort to 'The Dad' to get me out of this, he brought with him the ultimate mobile pump that is powered by plugging into the cigeratte lighter slot in the car. Ten minutes into it and the tire is all inflated. Then he brought me down to the tire shop and the guy there took less than 10 mins and fixed it. It only cost me 5 bucks. A 5 buck fix that cozed all this pain. Oh well now I am a little less naive about such things.