Monday, June 07, 2004

Meat Market is open

Ok I think I am a bit late on this entry, but I Dun update this on the weekends so sue me. As you have realised that the anual meat market jst came and went by, yes i am talking about the Miss Universe pageant. Where lese do you have such exclusive meats hanging ard in little less than underwear(read as binkinis) in a freezing auditorium showing off their tender pieces like is on sale, esp when they are trying to promote something like 'world peace'. Very Ironic I must say.

Well as usual Singapore went out as swiftly as it came in, not even choosen for the next round, she was tossed out like garabage, well only 15 mad eit anyway and looking at Singapore's Sandy Chua, I guess the competition was no where in her league. I must say that thi sis the 1st I heard of an engineering student to be able to get this title. Makes me wonder where are all those business and arts bitches and sluts that I see so often sashaying ard and showin a lot more meat than a miss universe pagent. Makes you wonder why none of them made it or tried being Miss Singapore? Maybe the perks are not to enticing? Maybe they are too 'ah lianish' to enter that pageant.

Well I of course after flippin on my back pukin, after seeing the national dress for Miss singapore, Gave up watchin the blasted show and decided to leave it as that, Its just a glorified meat market I guess, what does a miss universe do anyway? Anyway if there was a universal pageat and aliens are involved, I wonder if Miss Universe Earth will be as attractive as wad ailens perceive to be beautiful. Maybe 4 eys 2 mouths and fat is perceived as beauty by then? Will the earthlings change their culture of slim is beautiful? I know I am crappin here anyway.

Then there is this issue about slim being beautiful to everyone one earth now. I guess all the ads we see on teh tele are getting to us. All the slim volumptious babes with their tiny waist and huge boobies, are tellin all the gals to be like that? Which reminds me of this article on TNP about women that enlarged their boobies do not have an advantage getting a job. Of coz it doe snot, which part of your brain is connected to yoru boobs that defines boob size equals to ability to do a job. If you cannot fullfil the role given, of coz no one will employ you.

Thats all the crap i have for now, teh meat market is now closed.....